Sunday School

Please join us for Sunday School from 10:00-10:45AM. We invite you to visit one of our classes/small groups this Sunday from 10:00-10:45. We also have a nursery and classes for children and youth, ages 3 through 12th grade. Please join us and bring your children or grandchildren to Sunday School.

Nursery – Caroline Madsen and Kylie Skoda.

Preschool – The preschool class (ages 3-5) meets in the Nautilus Room (next to the nursery) and is taught by Patty Hortman, Christy Taunton, Donna Thompson and Lee Wiley.

K-2 grades – The kindergarten through second-grade class meets upstairs, in room 1, and is taught by Joy Ashbrook, Kendall Hicks, Liz Lentz and Lindsay Williams.

3-5 grades – The 3-5 grade class meets upstairs, in room 5, and is taught by Vicki Abrams, Gretchen Balogh, Melissa Farrell and Ashley Shoaf.

6-7 grades – The 6-7 grade class meets in the middle school room, upstairs, and is taught by Aaron and Diann Farnsley, Lindsay Fisher and Lynn Marshall.

8-12 grades – The 8-12 grade class meets upstairs, in the youth room, and is taught by Bobbi Lassiter.

Alpha Adult Class – The Alpha Adult Class is led by Jill Davis and Brian Marshall and meets in the Jingle Room. They are currently reading and discussing the book, “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.

Oh Bay Adult Class – The Oh Bay Class is led by Stuart Shoaf and meets in the Conch room. They are currently studying the book of Romans.

Marie Jones Adult Class – The Marie Jones Class meets in the Scallop room (next to the fellowship hall) and is led by Mazie Stone. They are currently studying the book of Hebrews.

Pridgeon-Rish Adult Class – The Pridgeon-Rish Class is led by Beth Bauer, Skip Griffies, Susan Julian, Martha Sanborn, David Strand, Ann Tison, Walter Wilder and Walt Williams and meets in the parlor/sundial room (near the church office). They are using Adult Bible Studies which presents stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life. The curriculum helps adults move from a focus on the Word to reflection on personal, family, church, and community concerns.


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